What is local SEO?

Many people are aware of SEO but if you’ve done your fair amount of research, you’ve probably come across the less well know term, local SEO.

Local SEO is an effective strategy for local businesses to market their business online. Millions of people use search engines to look for the best local businesses every day. By having a good local SEO strategy you can increase your chances of showing up in the top results. This means that you’ll be seen by hundreds of potential local customers.

Local search queries are those with the city name or zip code. They don’t always necessarily have to have a geo qualifier though. Examples of local search queries are, “best Mexican food near me”, and “roofing contractors in El Paso.” The former being an example of a search query with a geo qualifier and the latter without it.

Local SEO, when done right, offers a very targeted approach (unlike flyers or newspaper ads).


If you are a business looking to position yourself for longterm business, local SEO is the future. SquarePixl is a marketing company that offers local SEO services to businesses.

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