Digital Vs. Traditional – Why Facebook Ads Are Better

While it’s important for a business to have a marketing budget set, where you spend it is equally as important. The question is, where do you invest your money and make the most of it?

Running a successful business is more than just about having a high-quality product. It’s also about levering the right kind of marketing and marketing techniques to reach out to your target audience and convert them into leads or customers.

Attention Shift.

The way we use the internet has evolved beyond our wildest conceptions over the past decade and here’s the thing…

Nobody cares about traditional advertising anymore.

Part of it has to do with bad advertising and in part with an oversaturated market.

Let me explain.

As a whole, we no longer look at a TV ad and think to ourselves “Gee, that product must be as great as they say. I’ll go buy it.”

The same is true for billboard ads. When’s the last time you saw a billboard ad? My guess is probably very recently. But when was the las time you saw a billboard ad and gave it enough attention to not only consider the offer but also remember. My guess…it’s been quite some time.

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