5 Ways To Generate More Engagement & Reach on Facebook

Have you noticed your engagement and reach has dropped on your Facebook and Instagram pages? Facebook has evolved over the years and has made lots of changes to its platform. The most recent changes have had a significant impact on how many people get to see your content from your brand/business pages.

The bad news is that now only a fraction of your followers are seeing your posts.

There’s no need to panic.

Facebook has been doing these changes in part to fight against spammy tactics which can make the platform less pleasant to be on.

And partly because Facebook has moved to a “pay-to-play” model, meaning you have to pay to promote your posts to guarantee it reaches your audience.

Luckily, Facebook is one of the most cost effective advertising platforms.

But luckily, there are still ways to increase your organic reach and engagement.

Here’s five ways you can increase your engagement and reach:

This is awesome

  1. Promote Your Posts

    Facebook organic reach is now limited. The easiest and quickest way to show up in your fans news feed and get more engagement is to “boost” your posts.

  2. Post Frequently

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