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What makes us stand out from the crowd comes from the core of SquarePixl. At SquarePixl, our mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses we believe in grow their business and brand. At our core, we are radically transparent, open-minded, and hard working. We will do whatever it takes to provide you the best results, service, and guidance. We’re here to be more than just a marketing agency – we’re here to be your trusted advisor and foremost, your friend.

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Who’s behind SquarePixl?

Irvin Dominguez – Digital Marketing Expert

SquarePixl Marketing is run by its founder, Irvin Dominguez, a nineteen-year-old digital marketer and entrepreneur. Irvin runs marketing campaigns for businesses, consults entrepreneurs, and teaches hundreds of people online. Irvin is passionate about helping and teaching others. He’s on a mission to reach millions of young people and help them realize their potential.